In today’s modern high-tech environment, many industrial sectors such as aerospace, telecommunications, defense and medical fields, rely on precision masking for their metal plating needs. Because these industries are highly technical, they often have specific and exacting standards for their metal plating projects. Often times a part will require the application of more than one metal finishing process to the same piece to achieve a mix of properties. Precision masking makes it possible to accomplish this. Mid-Atlantic Finishing excel in this area.

Precision Masking For Surface Finishing

Precision Masking Services - Maryland - Mid Atlantic Finishing, Corp.Masking is used in almost all metal finishing application. The purpose of masking is to block areas of a part that do not require a particular finish be applied to that area of the part. An example of this would be a part that has through holes or threaded areas intended for bolts. These areas would need to be masked off prior to the application of any finishing process to prevent the threads and holes from being filled with the deposit.

The same part may require more than one finish or process be applied to it to meet the specs for that part. For example, an aluminum part may be type II anodized in one area and type III anodized in another. In this instance, precision masking becomes a perfect solution. We can use various masking techniques to mask off the parts that were already treated in the first application to prevent the second process to adhering to those areas that have already been treated.

Precision Masking Methods

There are two main categories of masking methods – 1.) Temporary and 2.) Permanent

Some examples of temporary masks include waxes, tapes, and paints. These methods are used one time, removed and disposed of or recycled.  While temporary masking methods may be more expensive and produce more waste, they do produce a higher quality coating in the end. Many companies and organizations justify and lower these cost by simply going with larger production runs.

When a part or project has specific and precise geometric measurements and shapes, permanent masks are used. Permanent masks are designed to be used over and over again as they can handle the chemical attacks that occur during processing without degradation.

Permanent masks generate a low level of waste over time, while temporary masks, especially tapes, generate a large volume of spent material that typically requires disposal as hazardous waste.

Mid Atlantic Finishing Corp. is highly adept at precision masking. We have an extensive array of tools at or disposal and utilize multiple techniques to exacting specifications.

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