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Copper Plating Services

Mid-Atlantic Finishing Corp. supplies innovative and extensive expertise in functional copper plating services to MIL-C-14550 and AMS-2418. We offer precision barrel and rack copper plating services which are currently employed in numerous industries including NASA, DoD, aerospace, electronic, telecommunications and the fastener industries.

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Copper Plating

For plating applications, copper is commonly used as an underplating to enhance adhesion of deposits, improve electrical properties, impair migration of alloying elements into the final plated deposit or to improve corrosion resistance of overall deposit.

Copper in color and matte to very shiny finish. Good corrosion resistance when used as an undercoat. A number of copper processes are available. Each designed for a specific purpose:
Brightness – the eliminate the need for buffing
High Speed – for electro-forming
Fine Grain – to prevent case hardening.

As a final deposit, copper plating services are used for enhancing the brazing, thermal or electrical conductivity of substrate materials. as a high temperature lubricant, as a heat treatment stop-off. Copper can be plated matte to bright and with a wide range of deposit hardness and ductility.

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Copper Plating Services To The Following Specifications:

Type of Copper Plating bath is not specified. Classes of copper plating services as follows:
Class 0 –0.001-0.005 inches minimum deposit thickness
Class 1 –0.001 inch minimum deposit thickness
Class 2 –0.0005 inch minimum deposit thickness
Class 3 –0.0002 inch minimum deposit thickness
Class 4 –0.0001 inch minimum deposit thickness
Intended Uses per Section 6.1 of MIL-C-14550
Class 0 –for heat treatment stop-off shield
Class 1 –for carburizing shield, decarburizing shield and printed circuit board plated through holes or as specified on the engineering drawing.
Class 2 –for undercoating for nickel and other metals
Class 3 –to prevent basis metal migration into tin layer to poison solderability
Class 4 –0.0001 inch same as 0.0002 inch
Type I – For engineering finishes
Type II – Intended for masking