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Precision Masking Services

Precision masking is the process through which a specific area of a part is “masked off”, or protected, from the finishing process. For example, masking is usually used when applying a powder coating to a part to prevent deposits on specific areas.

Consider a part that has threaded holes and or bolts. These would need to be masked off prior to coating the part  to prevent the powder coating from filling the threads. Occasionally, masking is used merely for creative or aesthetic reasons.

We use a variety of tools in our precision masking services. Our extensive inventory of masking materials includes plugs for through hole blocking, caps and sleeves to mask threads, along with custom cut silicon masks. As a result, you can rest assured that your part is masked perfectly.

Mid-Atlantic Finishing’s precision masking services are focused on and specialized in preserving or adding properties to parts that are required for your specific job.

Why choose MAF for your precision masking services?

Our 40+ year history in the finishing industry and our dedication to attracting and maintain the industry’s best talent provides assurance of success for even the most complicated project. Our staff is extremely adept at communicating with Engineers and can understand complex projects specs easily. We handle your project with attention and care. Our rigorous Quality Assurance practices and our incoming inspection & contract review process will prevent any misunderstandings. We provide our customers documentation that proves all of your requirements have been met or exceeded.

MAF uses multiple mask techniques. This approach preserves the dimensions of the body of the part while adding the ability to make necessary solder connections.

Precision Masking Services - Maryland - Mid Atlantic Finishing, Corp.

Masking through hole for gold plating – BEFORE

Precision Masking Services - Maryland - Mid Atlantic Finishing, Corp

Gold Plated Through Hole – AFTER – Precision Masking Services

Precision Masking Services - Maryland - Mid Atlantic Finishing, Corp.

Extensive inventory of plugs and styles allow us to quickly meet your specifications.

Multiple mask techniques applied to an article. This mask preserves dimensions on the body of the part, while adding the ability to make the necessary solder connections.

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MAF is committed to the delivery of quality products to every segment of our customer base, a fundamental element of our Company’s Purpose and Mission.

MAF is committed to full compliance with all the requirements of NADCAP AC 7004 & AC 7108.