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Tin Plating Services

Mid-Atlantic Finishing offers tin plating services for a variety of applications in numerous industries including power transmission/distribution, electronics, telecommunications, medical, marine and aerospace industries.

We provide expertise in providing barrel and rack bright and matte tin plating services to most Telecommunications specifications including: ASTM-B545 (Matte & Bright) MIL-T-10727C (Type I)

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Tin Plating Services

Tin Plating Service - Mid Atlantic Finishing Corp - Capitol Heights, MD

Tin Plating Services

Tin plating is ideal for its properties of electrical conductivity and solderability. The final product in plated condition will possess a gray-white color and a very high luster in fused condition. Tin plating produces a soft, but very ductile surface and displays good corrosion resistance. (Coated items should meet 24 hour 5% salt spray requirement).

We do not recommend Tin for low temperature applications as it changes structure and loses adhesion when exposed to temperatures below -40º C.

We plate directly on steel substance (no undercoating for steel unless otherwise specified).


Type I -As specified on drawing.
Thickness guide (not part of spec.) as follows:
Electrodeposited. Use ASTM-B-545 as guideline. If not specified, bright will be generally provided
Please note: This specification is provided for reference purposes only as it has been superceded by ASTM-B-545 (See below).
.0001-.00025"Flash for soldering
.0002-.0004"To prevent galling and seizing.
.0003 min.Where corrosion resistance is important
.0002-.0006"To prevent formation of case hardening during nitriding.
Type II-----------------Hot dipped (not currently available at MAF)
Types are matte, bright, or flow-brightened
Class A -.0001" min
Class B -.0002" min
Class C -.00032" min.0004" min. for steel.
Class D -.0006" min.0008" min. for steel.
Class E -.0012" minASTM requires purchaser to supply information, such as base metal, under plating, test requirements and test methods etc. In general, copper alloys containing more than 5% Zn shall have a copper undercoating of at least 0.0001" or nickel undercoating of at least 0.000050".

This specification applies to electroplated coatings of not less than 99% tin (except where deliberately alloyed with lead per customer drawings and/or P.O requirements).

Tin 88-98%, remainder lead.