What Is Tin-Lead Plating?

Tin-Lead plating is when a layer of tin and a layer lead are co-deposited onto a substrate or base part. The alloy compositions used in tin-lead plating depends on the desired properties and intended application of the final product.

Why Choose Tin-Lead Plating?

If you are going for a more ductile, softer finish then this is the process you would want to choose. The alloys used in this plating method may contain 50 – 90% tin depending on the intended application of the part. Tin-Lead alloys offer a range of appearances from bright or semi bright to matte. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and improves solder ability.

Where Is Tin-Lead Plating used?

tin-lead plating for electronics industryThe most common use of this plating method is in the electronics industry. The alloys used in this plating process are excellent conductors and have a relatively low melting point which improves solder ability. The alloys used in this process are also very ductile and help protect the product from degradation during subsequent processes such as stamping.

On occasion, the tin plating process will produce a phenomenon known as “whiskers”. “Whiskers” are tiny strands of tin that protrude from the surface. This occurrence can cause issues with electronic parts as they have the potential to create arches and electrical shorts if they happen to break off the part. The lead component in the tin-lead plating process greatly reduces the chances of “whiskers” forming.

Advantages Of Tin-Lead Plating For The Electronics Industry

Tin-lead plating is used most by the electronic industry due to the following points:

  • melts at low temperatures
  • improves solder ability
  • relatively corrosion resistant
  • excellent conductivity
  • ductile and are not harmed by subsequent operations
  • lead alloy stops the formation of tin whiskers.

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